Buying and selling items made simple

Smartly is an intelligent marketplace connected to social networks which allows you to buy new or used items from people, friends, artists, designers from all over the world. You can also sell personnal goods or items with Smartly : just share the item you wish to sell directly from your favorite social network and it will automatically be up for sell free of charge on the Smartly marketplace.

How it works

Whether you're a craftsman, a designer or a collector, you can start building
your own little business for free within seconds.


1 / Getting started*

When you log on to Smartly for the first time,
a dedicated (private) picture folder is created on your facebook account*. Using your privacy settings, you can choose to share this folder with friends and family. This folder is magic.

*Smartly will soon be available for Twitter, Instagram and Google + later this year

2 / Share

Selling an item becomes as easy as sharing a pic on your wall. All you need to do is upload the pic of the item you wish to sell in your Smartly folder directly from your facebook account. You can also choose to add a description of your item in the dedicated comments section.
For example: Lamp 45€ #design #red #wood
*a more detailed description in between stars*


3 / Communicate

Congratulations, your item has automatically been put up for sale on the Smartly marketplace and is now accessible from your very own personal items gallery! You can now interact with potential buyers and settle on payment and shipping agreements.

Buy from people from all over the world easily

Smartly is also an ever growing community of artists and dedicated designers
ready to sell you items from their most unique and attractive catalog.

start now!